Perfume Presentations
9 Auction Catalogues written by Christie Mayer Lefkowith

Each auction catalogue has a special Editorial section,
in which Christie Mayer Lefkowith analyzes many of the
most important, the most interesting and the rarest auction lots

There is an Index in each catalogue providing the names of
all perfume companies, perfume artists and glassworks, and
listing all of the lot numbers for each specific entry

The auction catalogues are all soft cover publications with a
meaningful number of pages: 1996 (108 pages); 1997 (116);
1998 (138); 2000 (142); 2001 (132); 2002 (132); 2003 (148);
2005 (162) and 2006 (148 pages)

There were approximately 300 lots in each auction, and every
lot is described in detail in both English and French. The size
of each object is provided, and any relevant reference books
are cited with the appropriate page or photo number

A price range estimate is provided for each auction lot, not only
in Swiss Francs, but in U.S. Dollars and Euros (or French Francs)

Each auction presents an entirely new group of auction lots.
There are extremely few items that were repeated in more than
one auction. Therefore, the nine catalogues together represent
an extremely valuable reference library

All auction lots are photographed in color. In some cases,
more than one view is provided. In the auctions held from
1996 through 2003, the auction lots were photographed in
group shots on shelving, while in 2005 and 2006, every
auction lot was photographed individually

In addition, the front cover, the back cover, as well as the
inside front and back covers all featured the most important
or rarest items in each auction

In the 9 auction catalogues, over 2,600 perfume and cosmetics
items are described and illustrated

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Christie Mayer Lefkowith