Paul Poiret and his Rosine Perfumes
by Christie Mayer Lefkowith
In 1911 Paul Poiret became the first high fashion designer to establish
his own perfume company, Les Parfums de Rosine or The Perfumes of Rosine,
named after his eldest daughter. During the years leading to World War I,
Poiret was the dominant force in fashion, being called the fashion dictator,
and Poiret the Magnificent

The Rosine perfume names and presentations were Poiret's creations,
and all related directly to events in his life. The Rosine perfume names and
presentations were personal expressions of his fashion philosophy

Poiret identified the artistic connections among previously unrelated fields.
His work as a theatrical costume designer influenced his fashion designs
as well as the designs of other couturiers

He also founded the Martine School and Workshop, named after his second
daughter, to produce graphic designs, fabrics, rugs, furniture and accessories.
The "Martines" offered a complete interior design service

Poiret's objective was to provide his clients with an entire living environment

He was a singular and dynamic personality with a deeply personal aesthetic.
Poiret influenced the arts and the decorative arts

His viewpoints and his innovations changed both the fashion and the perfume
industries forever

Paul Poiret also elevated his lifestyle to an art form. The parties that he organized
were on a larger than life scale, always with a theme, always related to his interests
and to his love of art and history

Christie Mayer Lefkowith intertwines the biography of Paul Poiret (1879 to 1944),
with the in-depth study of his creations for Rosine Perfumes. This book represents
almost 20 years of research into these interrelated story lines. With its authoritative
and intensive analysis, this book is a catalogue raisonné for Les Parfums de Rosine.
This book provides a complete list of the dates of all Rosine perfume trademarks

Reading like a novel, as well as a scholarly work, it provides a comprehensive view
of Paul Poiret, this visionary artist. It will provide a crucial addition to the libraries
of anyone with an interest in fashion, perfume, design or art

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Copyright © 2009 Christie Mayer Lefkowith
Christie Mayer Lefkowith