Masterpieces of the Perfume Industry
by Christie Mayer Lefkowith
Masterpieces of the Perfume Industry
documents the contribution, as well as the influence
of many great artists and industry innovators.

The creations of René Lalique, Paul Poiret, Julien Viard,
Lucien Gaillard, Henri Hamm, Maurice Dépinoix, Georges Lepape,
Paul Iribe, André Groult, Daillet, Georges Dumoulin, Louis Süe
and André Jollivet are all examined in chronological order.

Much new information and previously unseen models are
presented regarding the great perfume artist, Julien Viard.

Masterpieces of the Perfume Industry begins with
four major group color photos of 90 Julien Viard flacons.

The amazing contribution of this great artist to the Art Deco period
is thoroughly documented by 118 color plates.

The important role of other major glass artists, such as
André Jollivet, are presented in great detail.

Masterpieces of the Perfume Industry illustrates in
its scholarly text and many color plates how perfume presentations
related to important art movements of the past 150 years: such as
La Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau, Classicism, Orientalism, Art Deco,
Modernism and the Romantic styles.

Masterpieces of the Perfume Industry relates the
key role of many glassworks and crystalworks, such as Baccarat,
Brosse, Dépinoix, Pochet & du Courval and Lalique.

All facets of perfume presentations, including the perfume flacon,
the perfume name, the perfume label and the perfume box, are all
considered in depth in this thorough illustrated analysis prepared
by Christie Mayer Lefkowith.

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Christie Mayer Lefkowith