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Christie Mayer Lefkowith has been an avid collector
and participant in the art market all of her life. In addition
to being a dealer in Art Deco and Impressionist Art, she has
collected vintage flacons for over 30 years

Mrs. Lefkowith coined the term "perfume presentation"
to describe a perfume's complete packaging (its name, flacon,
label, box and other ornamentation)

She wrote many articles and gave lectures to explain that a
perfume presentation has two lives

Its "first life" is to help market its perfume by providing it with
a unique identity and appeal. The "second life" of a perfume
presentation begins when its perfume is no longer marketed.
At that time the perfume presentation becomes an art object

She made presentations at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, The Corning Museum
of Glass in Corning, NY, and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design in New York City

Along with her husband, Edwin F. Lefkowith, Mrs. Lefkowith has assembled a personal collection
of over 10,000 perfume presentations. She has also been very active in the perfume and fashion
industries, and with both museums amd companies worldwide to generate greater recognition of
vintage flacons. The Lefkowiths live in New York and Paris, and are socially active in both cities.

Mrs. Lefkowith's first book,The Art of Perfume, Discovering and Collecting Perfume Bottles
was published in 1994, by Thames and Hudson in England and the United States. There were
also a French edition, L'Art du Parfum by CELIV in Paris and a German edition, Parfum-Flakons
by Christian Brandstätter in Vienna

This art book was the first comprehensive and historically detailed publication on this subject.
It was a best seller worldwide, and this book broadened recognition of vintage perfume presentations
as an art form. Although the three editions of this book are now out of print, there are a few copies
of the English edition still available for sale on this website. Please click to buy The Art of Perfume

In 1996, in recognition of her activity, C.E.C.O.A. (Chambre Européenne des Experts-Conseil
en œuvres d'Art), or the European Chamber of Art Experts-Consultants, invited Christie Mayer
Lefkowith to become the only expert for perfume presentations for the European Community

From 1996 to 1998, Mrs. Lefkowith organized and served as the expert for three worldwide auctions
of perfume presentations held in the Phillips Auctioneers Geneva showrooms. These three auctions
were very successful, and set several new world records

In 1999, Art & Fragrances retained Mrs. Lefkowith to organize international auctions of perfume
presentations in Geneva, and to develop her second book. Mrs. Lefkowith organized and served as
the auction expert for six Art & Fragrances auctions of perfume presentations, from 2000 through 2006.

In the first Art & Fragrances auction held on 28 October, 2000, a previously unrecorded flacon created
by René Lalique realized almost 500,000 Swiss Francs (or $275,582), a new world record for the auction
sale of a single flacon

Prior to the 2001 auction, Mrs. Lefkowith managed the private sale of the world famous David Weinstein
collection of René Lalique objects created for the perfume industry

All 9 auction catalogues, written in both English and French by Christie Mayer Lefkowith, are still
available for purchase on this website. These 9 catalogues have themselves become collector's items.
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